Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Earth and the new You

Planet Earth have entered a new phrase in its cosmic evolution. The old way of living become much harder and it will be gone soon.

In case you are interesting in the new way of living, so you may have a wonderful life in the time ahead, you should look deeply into yourself and to find out the answer.

The New Earth workshop    24 mar 2013 - 26 mar 2013 . Location Hanoi Capital of Vietnam.
In this course, you will learn the VERY knowledge that help you growth and thrive in the new earth environment. Limit participants. 8 persons only. English speaking only. Registration closed on 18 Mar 2013.
700 USD per person.

 After you made the payment, please send me your full name, passport number or identity number and your payment invoice. My email

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Goddess Abundantia

Goddess Abundantia

Goddess Abundantia is the Roman Goddess of Abundance, Good Fortune and Success. Her name means "plenty" or "overflowing riches." She has also been called "the beautiful maiden of success."

Abundantia often carries a cornucopia, known as the horn of plenty. This cornucopia is symbolic of a funnel that continually outpours from the Universal Source, the infinite and all encompassing supply of abundance, good fortune, opportunities, success . . . continually outpouring all good things!

In ancient times Goddess Abundantia's image was depicted on Roman coins. In addition to the cornucopia, gold coins are another strong association and symbol for this awesome Goddess of Abundance!

Abundantia is extremely wise in the ways of finance! If invited she will provide guidance toward investments, finance and business/venture planning. A powerful protectress of prosperity, if requested, Goddess Abundantia will safeguard our valuables, providing us with peace of mind by ensuring that which we deem to be valuable is secure and well protected.

I offer an Ceremony to connect you with that Goddess. You also learn how to transfer that Ceremony to another person. excludes VAT for one person.Please contact me first for more info. I retain the right to refuse to teach in certain cases.

Price 39 USD

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